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Papier Peint Photo Chute D'Eau Jungle Plantes Arbre Naturel Liwwing Numéro 448UNODC's regional office in South Eastern Europe is building the regions capacity in fighting money laundering and terrorist financing. Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Wonderland Hadas 2 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES AJUNODC has posted a regional anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing adviser in South Eastern Europe, Papier Peint Photo Football Reseau Course Lumière Stadion coloré white Liwwingto have a consistent strategy in the in tackling these crimes within the region. To see the video on the office's activities please click here.

UNODC's Global Programme on Cybercrime and the Global Programme against Money Laundering, the Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism (GPML) are pleased to launch the Cryptocurrency Investigation eLearning course in English.

The course is also available in ARABIC, FRENCH, HUNGARIAN, RUSSIAN, SERBIAN, SPANISH, and THAI.

The eLearning course is the initial component of UNODC's Cryptocurrency Investigation Training Programme and is available in the above mentioned languages.Papier Peint Photo New York City USA Amerique Empire State Building Big The objective of the eLearning course is to develop the knowledge of analysts, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges regarding the topic.

Papier Peint Photo Pont New York Tower Lumières Liwwing Numéro 703In addition, the course explains how cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, work by focusing on the key definitions, internal mechanics of cryptocurrency and the blockchain ledger.Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Anillo De Graffiti Árboles 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize This course will explore the ecosystems of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, whilst addressing and reviewing community regulations (or lack of) and wider governmental controls.

The eLearning package provides an essential backdrop for those who proceed to undertake classroom-based cryptocurrency investigation training.Papier Peint Photo Triangle Art Résumé Liwwing Numéro 2165

Building a strategic partnership platform between each attendee is a key priority for UNODC. This course will increase the knowledge and skills of the experts whilst helping share best practice of how to develop blockchain-based international investigations.Paquet de 100 X Charnières Acier Plaqué Laiton Eb 25mm

To browse the course in English, click here; Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Árboles De Mariposas whiteas 1 Paisaje Fondo PansizeTo browse the course in Spanish, click Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Atardecer Dolphin Saltando 3 Paisaje Fondo Pansize; To browse the course in Arabic, click here; To browse the course in Thai, click Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Capilla De Pájaro Jardín 2 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize; To browse the course in Hungarian, click here; To browse the course in French, click Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Cascada Del Bosque Tropical 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize; To browse the course in Serbian, click here; To browse the course in Russian, click here.


Paar von Tee Suffolk Häuschen + Scharniere T Tür Pfeilspitze Vintage Gusseisen c04cdgstm9903-Home

UNODC Global Programme against Money Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism (GPML) Fact Sheets on its products and tools
August 2012

Mutual Legal Assistance Request Writer Tool

goAML and goCASE - UNODC's Analytical Software for Financial Intelligence Units and UNODC's Case Management System for Law Enforcement & Regulatory Agencies and Criminal Intelligence & Prosecutorial Services

Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Hermosas Flores De colors 24 Paisaje Fondo Pansize - Public Procurement Review Software


United Nations Conventions against Terrorism
(available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish)

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Paar von Gusseisen Vintage Pfeilspitze Tür T Tee Scharniere + Häuschen Suffolk

Paar von Tee Suffolk Häuschen + Scharniere T Tür Pfeilspitze Vintage Gusseisen c04cdgstm9903-Home

IMoLIN is an Internet-based network assisting governments, organizations and individuals in the fight against illicit financial flows, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. IMoLIN has been developed with the cooperation of the world's leading anti-money laundering organizations.Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Marco De Fotos Lago Hermoso 32 Paisaje Fondo Pansize Included herein is a database on legislation and regulations throughout the world ( AMLID), an electronic library, a calendar of events in the anti-money laundering / countering the financing of terrorism fields and a case law database. Please be advised that certain aspects of IMoLIN are secured and therefore not available for public use.

Various types of scam emails or letters purporting to be from or associated with IMoLIN and/or UNODC have been circulating requesting fees for the transfer of money. Paquete Mixto Of 10 Teléfono Móvil Red Pegatinas - Vodafone orange Ee Etc EtcIn some cases the UN and UNODC logos as well as IMoLIN's name and logo are being used for fraudulent purposes. Parato colorato Van Gogh 17180 con colori vivaci e dinamici del green, blue, rossCriminals who fraudulently claim to be from UNODC, request victims to pay fees for fictitious services relating to the verification of the origin of funds and claim that the funds will be blocked if the customer fails to pay the fees. UNODC and IMoLIN do not have the ability to block any account or issue any certificates for anti-money laundering compliance and will never require any fees for such services, since none of these services are rendered.  

If you receive any fraudulent emails or letters, we suggest that you report the matter to your local law enforcement authorities.


Since August 2016, GPML's training certificates contain a unique number and a verification code.

To see the dates of the training course and the numbers of the issued certificates, please click here.

Paris Cafe Illustration Wall Mural City France Photo Wallpaper Kitchen DecorTo check a certificate, please click on this link, and enter the day, month and year of the certificate, name of the participant (exactly as indicated on the certificate, case-sensitive), country of the training, certificate number and the verification code.Papel Pintado Mural Vellón Patrón De Mariposa De Flor 2 Paisaje Fondo Pansize You will receive a message if this data match and the certificate is genuine. 

To see an example of the UNODC GPML training course certificate, please click here.